Amanda Roadmen (28 photos & interview)

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The Model of the Week Party Amanda Roadmen (28 photos & interview)

Name: Amanda Roadmen
Current City: Los Angeles, CA
Hair: Brown with carmel highlights
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’4
Weight: 104
Measurements: Bust- 34D Waist- 24 Hips- 34

Amanda Roadmen 23 Amanda Roadmen (28 photos & interview)

Amanda Roadmen is a 23 year old Model/Actress born & raised in Boston, Ma. The young age of 18 she packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her life long dream of Modeling and Acting. Amanda has became one of the most controversial model’s of our time, Breaking into international and national success. She has graced the covers of Maxim Magazine 17 times USA & international Maxim Magazines, FHM Magazine 10 times internationally & national. Amanda has landed some big endorsements like Marc Jacobs, Two in the Shirt, Crooks & Castles, Guess Jeans, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabana Perfume AD’s , Victoria Secret, Maybeline Makeup, Mac Makeup Company, just to name a few & many many many more. Amanda stared in music videos such as “Where them girls at” David guetta & Flo rida, “Hey Jasmine” Flo Rida , Hott Chille Rae “Tonight Tonight” , “So high” Jay Sean & several more, She is also an Actress staring in films such as “Rock of Ages”, “Bride Wars”, “Surrogates” ,”Spider Mountain”, “Project Fatality” & TV series like “Entourage” , “How I met your mother” , “The League” & more. In 2012 Amanda became an Official Victoria Secret Angel, she has stared in many of their commercials, print ad’s and even staring in their very first solo model commercial. It’s pretty clear to say the least that this latina vixen has shaken up the modeling world … & you can only expect way more from her in the future to say the least Amanda is by far 2012 breakout star.

Here is our interview with Amanda!

Amanda Roadmen 17 Amanda Roadmen (28 photos & interview)

LN: What’s your Ethnicity?

I am a big Mix ha ha …. I am Brazilian, Spanish, Italian and Irish. Mostly Brazilian/Spanish & Italian.

LN: What’s your zodiac sign?

I’m a cancer , but my characteristics are more like a Scorpio. I have the exact personality of a Scorpio.

LN: Where are you from originally?

Big B!! I am from Boston, I grew up in a town called weymouth south shore … I moved to LA about 5 yrs ago for my career. I do miss my hometown!

LN: What did you like most about growing up in Boston?

I love the people, the crazy personalities boston people have , you will only know what I mean if you are from Boston, HAHA! I love the whole culture of it …. I lived near the beach so I was ALWAYS a beach bum …. Everyone from Boston has a big personality just about it …… i feel more at home with those type of people . Ha ha!

LN: What kind of mischief did you get into growing up?

I was a GOOD KID! Lol ….. No one’s perfect however I think I was pretty good , I would sneak into female stripclubs with my ex boyfriend …. It was pretty awesome , I was 15 when i went to my first strip club with my ex boyfriend ha ha!

LN: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Wow … that’s a really good question, let me think about that …. ummmm … I’d say the craziest thing I have ever done was go ski diving , It was CRAZY …. I would NEVER do it again but it was so much fun at the time.

Amanda Roadmen 5 Amanda Roadmen (28 photos & interview)

LN: What’s your favorite hobby and why?

Shopping , but isn’t that every girls hobby? ha ha! I love to kick box for part of my work out routine ….. it helps me get my aggression the industry can be very stressful and you deal with a lot of frustration so kick boxing is a release for me , i just imagine the person’s face that pissed me off and go at it with punching bag HA HA!

LN: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure …… I’d say that my guilty pleasure is eating sweets … I love chocolate the way to my heart buy me chocolate!

LN: Who do you admire?

I admire my parents first and foremost. I’m very close with my Family. I also admire Jennifer Lopez being spanish decent she is also spanish , and she made it …. not a lot of latina models/actress have “made it” they are over shadowed by the “blondes” it’s truly a shame because latin women are some of the most beautiful women ever.

LN: What’s one of your personal goals?

I reached one of my goal’s this yr by surprise … I just became a victoria secret angel which is amazing I always said I’d be one , so becoming one has really brought me a long way and really helped my career . It’s also got me into my main goal which was acting, I love to act. I got into the modeling industry to act, I am not that tall …I never thought I’d “make it” in this business but have been blessed to.

LN: What do guys compliment you on the most?

Well from girls …. I get compliments on my hair color a lot they always ask me who does my hair color … From the fella’s I always get I have a awesome big booty …. ha ha! I get compliments on my legs too they are kind of long for me being so short , Ha!

Amanda Roadmen 1 Amanda Roadmen (28 photos & interview)

LN: What’s your favorite body part on yourself?

I’d say my butt/legs … I love my legs.

LN: What’s your least favorite body part on yourself?

I have a tiny mole on my chin … I don’t like it. i’m thinking about getting it removed , ha! I’ve been told not to by my agency because some people say it’s my “trademark”.

LN: What do you look for in a guy?

I look for honesty, honesty is sooo important to me, i hate liars and I hate players . I love a good sense of humor, because I am sooo gooofy! ha!

LN: What’s the first thing you notice about a guy?

I look at their shoes …. HA! I am big on fashion, I love a man that can dress well ….. I love to see a guy in a fitted hat, it’s a huge turn on!

LN: What’s your ideal first date?

My ideal first date would be a romantic dinner ….possibly a beach picnic I love a man who gets me flowers I like to be treated like a princess! All women are princesses and men should treat them like queens!

Amanda Roadmen 6 Amanda Roadmen (28 photos & interview)

LN: What turns you on?

A guy in a fitted hat and a guy with a great body , not too muscular ….. I also love kissing, if you’re a great kisser that’s a big turn on for me.

LN: What turns you off?

I don’t like men who brag ….you know what they say , those who brag don’t have!

LN: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I hate to hear people smacking/chewing their gum , HA! It’s weird I know but it annoys me sooooo much!

LN: Who’s your celebrity pass?

I love bradley cooper ….. I’d say def Bradley!!!

LN: Do you own a lot of lingerie?

I do! When you become a Victoria Secret Angel , you get tons of free lingerie I’ll never run out of lingerie , I absolutely love it. I’d rather wear lingerie all day if I could.

Amanda Roadmen 20 Amanda Roadmen (28 photos & interview)

LN: What type of lingerie do you feel sexiest in?

I love thigh highs/ garter belts …..I feel sexiest in that also with 5/6 inch heels!

LN: What would we be surprised to know about you?

I love to cook …some people find that surprising about me , since most people think model’s are “divas” I actually LOVE to cook , I can make anything … I make the best homemade Italian/Spanish food you’ll ever eat!

LN: Before we leave, any last words?

I am working on several movies at the moment ….. a Horror movie w/ Eli Roth, i just wrapped filming with that. I have two comedies that we start filming soon it’s a comedy with zach galifianakis I love him so I’m very excited to work with him. I have been getting a lot of endorsement deals with clothing line’s I recently signed with Marc Jacobs for their spring 2013 line & Michael Costelllo for his dress line. I am shooting the cover for Italian Vogue , i’m so excited about it. I’ve done several covers for maxim usa/internationally and FHM , but never Vogue, it’s so exciting to me and I can’t wait for my fans to see it.
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