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Judging from these photos we figure Bahara must translate into “stunningly gorgeous”. As it turns out its just some town in India. Which may make sense if the stunningly gorgeous model in these photos was born in India, but oddly enough Bahara was born in Russia to Persian parents. Luckily for us this beauty somehow made her way to the states.

Bahara comes from a talented family, her father a musician and her mother an actress, which should make it as no surprise that Bahara is multi-talented herself. Along with being a very successful promotional, print and runway model, she has started to make her mark in music videos and commercials as well as in an upcoming film starring Luke Wilson.

And if that were not enough to get your attention she also loves sports! Basketball is her favorite sport, but she also loves football. She loves going out to sports grills to watch as she never misses a Suns game. As far as guys go, Bahara loves an honest man. Honesty in a relationship is very important and she says she needs a man, not a boy! Sorry Boys!

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